What is the Meat Mafia all about?

The Meat Mafia officially began in January 2022 with one mission in mind: share our wealth of practical experiences in transforming our own health through an active, animal-based lifestyle. Animal-based living emphasizes the elimination of processed foods and the consumption of natural whole foods. As the name suggests, most of these foods come from animal sources, from beef to honey. In our belief, locally sourced animal-based foods optimize personal and planetary health.

In the coming weeks and months, we plan to open our book of knowledge on living a healthy life:

  • Creating on Twitter (@MrSollozzo and @CarniClemenza): We started building The Meat Mafia on Twitter and plan to continue to put out engaging material to create conversations with our audience. By enlarge, we want to make Twitter a useful place for people to come into contact with our ideas around the food system, nutrition, and health, but our best ideas will be shared in longer form material on our paid subscription blog & monthly call.
  • Providing premium-level content for paid subscribers: Many of our deeper thoughts and interpretations of the food system demand a deeper discussion with our audience. For that reason, we are going to put our best material in our paid-for, subscription blog posts. Every Sunday we will release a long form blog to create discussions around the most hotly debated topics when it comes to understanding the history, root cause, and applications of our health. As a part of this paid subscription, we are going to provide a monthly call to join us in a conversation around the topics we wrote about during the month.
  • Producing The Meat Mafia Podcast: We have had some amazing guests so far from all walks of life - ranchers, doctors, athletes, trainers, and more! Our vision for the podcast is to create a platform that supports the open exchange of ideas about creating a healthier society centered around real food. We want to lead The Real Food Renaissance and we want all stakeholders to participate in the conversation to make a better food & healthcare system. If you are interested in checking out some of our previous conversations, check out The Meat Mafia Podcast on Spotify!
  • Writing a weekly Newsletter: We will continue to provide a weekly newsletter every Friday for non-paying subscribers for followers to engage with our weekly takes on personal health.

We hope you take the time to join the conversation around solving for a healthier way of living for everyone to try!

Our Message:

Between the two of us, we have gotten in the best shape of our lives using the methods and practices discussed in this handbook, in addition to putting an autoimmune disease in remission and losing unhealthy weight packed on from years of sitting at a desk. We hope our words inspire you to make changes – big and small – in your own life as you embark on your journey to discover a more optimal way of living!

Becoming in touch with the healthiest version of yourself is the journey of a lifetime. We understand it can awaken some unsettling emotions: discomfort, fears, doubts, negative self-talk, and more. The process of developing a stronger mindset and overcoming these obstacles, though, can awaken a newfound degree of empowerment that radiates through all aspects of your life.

We were both college athletes and have completed two full-distance Ironmans, an Ultraman, eight marathons, and six Half Ironmans, and have competed in various Jiu-Jitsu tournaments and many other athletic competitions. Although these may sound like monumental tasks to the average reader, we weren’t born running marathons. Like you, we started at zero.

Our claim to you is simple: We are practitioners who have enjoyed the process of capturing our vitality. We come with lived experiences and relatable stories. Our journeys are personal, and we hope we can take part in your path to discovering your optimal health, right alongside of you, to fuel you with encouragement and advice.

Put a smile on your face and get excited about feeling good. Putting effort into your health is the most rewarding investment you can make in the world!

Core Tenets:

  1. Enjoyment: When something is simple and effortless, we tend to get more enjoyment out of it, which can lead us down a road of obsession and excitement. NOTHING we do should be more enjoyable than maintaining our vitality. The key to capturing your health lies in the FIT Model: Fun, Intentional, and Time-Agnostic ... notice ‘Fun’ comes first!
  2. Simplicity: Modern health narratives disguise the truth about healthy living by making the knowledge around it overly complicated. Every health coach or influencer has a silver bullet. Our silver bullet is there is no silver bullet when it comes to health other than 1) real foods and 2) leaning into a set of core principles.
  3. Consistency: The enemy of real progress is inconsistency. We have both learned this the hard way after encountering our own health troubles. Making health enjoyable and simple (see tenets 1 & 2) makes consistency SO much more attainable. If health is your mission, the consistency flows out of you every day (maybe with the occasional slip-up).
  4. Community: Surrounding yourself with the right people has immeasurable benefits when it comes to health. Social pressures and shaming make “dieting” and pursuing the life you want hard for basically everyone. MODERN SOCIETY IS WORKING AGAINST YOU. If you insulate yourself with the right group of people, it can really be the wind in your sails on those days when you need an extra push.
  5. Mindfulness: We tend to put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect in everything we do when it comes to health, and when we fail, we tend to throw it all away. Mindfulness helps us ground ourselves in the long-term mission.
  6. Low Time Preference: Play the freaking long game. If you expect it all to happen in a day, week, or month, it will be gone in a day, week, or month. Choose the small things to become exceptional at, and make them part of your patterns of success when working towards your long-term vision.

First-Principles Thinking, Mindset, and Habit Formation:

First-Principles Thinking: Thinking from first principles requires a “black and white,” “0 and 1,” “true or not true” way of thinking. We believe your health starts by addressing each issue at the very root cause. We support regenerative agriculture for this reason because how your food is created matters SUBSTANTIALLY when it comes to your own underlying health.

Mindset: Making something last requires some serious shifts and strengthening of the mind. It takes years and years of practice to master the mind, but health and physical well-being is a fantastic arena in which to develop a stronger, more engaged mind.

Habit Formation: At the core of everything we discuss lies the principles and methods of forming healthy habits. Progress becomes a fleeting aspiration without the ability to consistently repeat patterns of success. Most of this comes through the application of a few simple tools and improving your ability to find a neutral mindset through simple routines.

The Meat Mafia: The Story of Clemenza and Sollozzo

Our shared story traces back to our college days. We first met in the gym when Mr. Sollozzo had to take a few weeks off from baseball due to a dislocated knee. We quickly bonded over our shared obsession with personal development, health, and business as the two of us spent workouts and meals discussing our dreams for life after college.

Upon graduating, we went our separate ways, with Clemenza landing a job in private equity in Boston and Mr. Sollozzo landing a prominent sales role in New York. As life goes, we became entrenched in the early days of our careers and found ourselves talking less and less, until one day, during a long-overdue catch-up call, we decided to sign up for Ironman 70.3 in Lake Placid, New York. At this point, both of us had marathons under our belts; however, neither of us had any prodigious gift as endurance athletes. We knew we had a lot of training to do, and the idea of sharing the experience together made the challenge exciting for both of us.

After months of training, and two weeks out from the Ironman, Mr. Sollozzo found himself in the hospital. His battle with his autoimmune disease had once again taken a toll on his health. As he sat in the hospital, 15 pounds lighter and personally defeated, it became clear the race was not in the cards for him. As bummed as we were not to race together, both of us knew we would make it happen in the future.

A year later, on a similar catch-up call, we discussed our plans for the next year and our approach to striving for something more physically and mentally challenging. We settled on signing up for an Ironman in Canada, which, due to COVID, turned into us running Ironman Waco. The experience went as well as it could have for our first full-distance Ironman. We decided to make a month out of the entire race and spent the final weeks training together in Austin, Texas. Connected by the emotional high of accomplishing our goal, we decided it would be a mistake if we finished the race and went our separate ways. We tacked on an additional two months in Austin, and now, we intend to be here full-time as we begin our journey into the health arena.

During our time living together, our vision of creating something became more and more clear. We intend to collaborate to produce high-quality information on the animal-based lifestyle through various methods, and our first step is to share with you all what we know through this e-book. Our intention is to make this e-book accessible to everyone without charging for it. The book is a synthesis of iterating and experimenting with the knowledge we have attained for free from the most pioneering physicians, trainers, and athletes in the space. It has many of the tips and tricks we have learned over the years to accomplish our physical transformations, from sourcing quality food to forming lasting habits.

We have found that ancestral health is the most “bang for your buck” way of approaching health. We hope our knowledge speaks to you and piques your curiosity. Fueling your life does not need to be restrictive, unsociable, or boring. We aspire to make this journey fulfilling, meaningful, and as individualized as possible. We look forward to sharing it with you!

Final Note:

While lacking medical degrees and credentials, we take our health and the lifestyle we promote online incredibly seriously. Some of our materials may come off as satire at times (see core tenet 1 on Enjoyment), but we hope to gain your trust by showing you that we mean business when it comes to being healthy individuals.

Lastly, we rely on a network of professionals to provide the best information available to us. Anything we offer as advice is going to have been practiced or experienced by one or both of us. That is our promise to you.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We hope to help make your body, mind, and world a better place by providing quality information and encouraging you to strive for a more fruitful life.


The Meat Mafia

@carniclemenza & @mrsollozzo